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A former cross-country skier becomes a poet! Yes, I know, this is not my first book, but I always try to remind myself of what poetry is all about and where I myself come from. For me, it is this adolescent feeling that one can have of life, when the underdog makes something of himself that nobody above can do anything else to than to say, “Yes, this young man (I am middle-aged) wood-cut in my heart in a way so that even I start to feel a love for people.” And when this man (or woman, for that matter) says so, I will continue to wood-cut in his (or her) heart until he (or she) sees the difference. But other than that, I live a very ordinary life in the south of Sweden having the delicate work as a teacher. Teaching can be interesting if it is the students that give the answers, and there we are also with this book. You who will read have the answers to this text and not necessarily I, who is its creator.